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Find a Perfect Air Conditioning Company to Solve All Your Aircon Problems

An air conditioner in Newcastle is something you’ll be so glad you have when next summer comes and the temperature outside heats up more than usual. Although you might not think about air conditioning during current temperatures, now is the perfect time to research about air con companies in order to have the best system installed before next summer.

Here at Impact Air and Electrical, we are committed to helping you find the perfect cooling solution for your needs. With that in mind, we offer a range of home and commercial air conditioning services to suit you. Here’s why choosing us means getting the perfect air conditioner company.

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Residential Air Conditioning

If you want air conditioning for your home, you aren’t alone. Cooling your home in the summer means being comfortable when it’s hot outside and can also prevent health conditions that arise due to being overheated. Our residential services include installation, repair and maintenance so you can rely on us for all of your needs. We can help you choose the ideal cooling system for your home and will help you take good care of it so it always works like it should. We work with our own brands as well as the ones you choose, and that’s just one reason why we’re the perfect choice.

Commercial Air Conditioning

In addition to helping you find the right cooling system for your home, we can also work with you in commercial locations, both large and small. Unlike your home air conditioner, most commercial structures need larger systems to adequately cool them and we understand that difference and can help you make the right choice. In addition to helping you choose and then installing your commercial air conditioning, we also provide maintenance and service when it’s needed so that you can always rely on your system to work when you need it. Cooling your business provides comfort and safety to both your clients and your employees and we’re the perfect choice for making it work.

Choosing an Air Conditioning Company

Our services are a large part of why we’re the perfect choice for your cooling needs. But there are a few other reasons to add. That includes our friendly and knowledgeable technicians who are trained and experienced with your air conditioner and its operation. We can provide our services to several locations and we also offer electrician and refrigeration services to meet your needs. 
You’ve found the perfect company for an air conditioner in Newcastle in Impact Air and Electrical. We guarantee the best service – always. Contact us today to request a quote. We’re happy to do new installations, maintenance, and repairs.

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