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How to Manage Your Air Conditioner to Run at Optimal Capacity

You would never want to be without your air conditioner during the heat of the summer, right? Sometimes summer starts early or hangs on when it typically starts to cool off. That means you’re probably running your conditioner more often and for longer than you normally do. So how do you make sure it’s running at optimal capacity? The experts at Impact Air and Electrical can help you keep it in tip top shape and know about all things air conditioning in Newcastle. Here’s what you can do to help.

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Turn it Up When You’re Not Home

If you can program your air conditioner, set it a bit warmer when you aren’t at home. This allows it more time to rest between turning on and off and can help prevent additional wear and tear during a long summer. You can then set it to go back down a few degrees when you are home so you’re comfortable. This small measure extends the lifespan of your cooling system and can save you money on your summertime energy bills.

Keep the Curtains or Blinds Closed

When you keep the curtains and blinds in your home closed, you help keep the temperature down so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard to keep it cool inside. This is especially important on windows where the sun shines in for any part of the day. You can try swapping out your usual blinds or curtains for sheer ones during the summer so you can still let in some natural light without heating things up too much.

Use a Couple of Fans

If you want to preserve your air conditioner and keep it from running too hard during a long summer, place some fans in strategic places around your house. This helps cool and circulate the air and offers your air conditioner a chance to shut off from time to time so it’s not running constantly. Fans are a great way to cool your home in the morning and evening so that you can turn the air conditioner off.

Check Your Windows and Doors

If you have any cracks in the seals around your windows and doors, a lot of cool air is escaping out of your house. Fix these seals and you’ll keep more cool air inside and won’t have to run the air conditioner as often or as much.
If you need help with air conditioning in Newcastle at any time, send us an email or call us at Impact Air and Electrical for help.

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