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How To Set The Right Office Temperature

Those who are looking for commercial air conditioning are often troubled by the idea of setting the right office temperature. As you know, different people feel more comfortable at different temperatures, and people also vary how they feel from one day to the next depending upon factors ranging from how moist somebody’s clothes are, to how recently they have eaten. Here are a few snippets of temperature-setting advice from Impact Air.

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Internal and External Body Temperature

Your internal body temperature is between 36.1°C (97°F) and 37.2°C (99°F). As a result, your ideal external temperature should be around 18 °C (64 °F). However, some people will feel cold if the temperature is not at least 20 °C (68 °F). It is often best to go slightly higher if you want comfortable staff, so try to aim for around 21°C to 23 °C.

Air Circulation Around the Room

It is not as simple as setting your temperature gauges to 20 °C+, you have to consider where the heat is coming from, where the cold air is coming from, and what stands between. People near the heaters will be hotter than those further away. Air needs to circulate, which is often why overhead fans are used. Plus, overhead fans help to push warm air back down into the room. 

Warmth and Cold Loss

It is all fair and good having your heaters or air conditioning units running, but the people nearer the windows are going to be warmer or colder depending on the external temperature. People nearer the servers, or heaters, or machinery will also be warmer. People nearer the door will also become warmer or colder depending on the external temperature.

Uniforms are Going to Matter

If you have your staff come to work in suits, then do not be surprised if they are often warm. However, this doesn’t always mean you can skimp on heating costs because if their hands are cold, then it means your office is not at the right temperature. 

Conclusion – There Will Never be a Perfect Temperature

As odd as it sounds, people will slowly adjust to whatever temperatures you set. As a rule, make sure your temperature doesn’t make people’s hands hot or cold. If their hands are fine, then your temperature is fine. If you have any further air conditioning questions, or would like a quote for a top-class commercial air conditioning system, then get a quote through our website.

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