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Top 6 Causes of Air Conditioning Problems

There is no need to tell us the importance of air conditioning. Here in Newcastle, we a blessed with a lovely climate but we need to be able to keep cool when it gets hot. It is therefore annoying when your air con breaks down. If you know the most common causes of air conditioning failure, you can take measures to prevent it. They are:

Fixing air conditioning problems

1. Low refrigerant

Your air con system cannot produce cool air without refrigerant. If it is low, it is most probably because there is a leak. Constantly topping up the refrigerant won’t fix the problem – call the experts.

2. Frozen evaporator coils

It might sound counter-intuitive but in order for evaporator coils to work, they need warm air circulating around them. The refrigerant in the coils will absorb the heat from the air cooling it. If the coil gets too cold, it can freeze and stop working.

3. Dirty condenser coils

This problem is more prevalent when you live in an area that experiences a lot of dust, soot, and pollution.  This can build up a layer on the condenser coils and this impedes the heat transfer meaning the air con system has to work harder. This increases wear on the parts and may result in system failure.

4. Fan issues

There are at least two fans in an air con system: one to blow indoor air over the evaporator to cool it and one to expel the absorbed heat outside that blows over the condenser. Fans can be affected by worn belts, insufficient lubrication, and build up of dirt and debris. A fan problem can lead to compressor failure.

5. Leaking ducts

The ducts carry the cooled air around your rooms. If there are holes in the ducts (caused by corrosion, rodents, or faults), the air simply leaks out and goes up the walls. Leaks make your system work harder and this drives up your energy bills.

6. Thermostat issues

Issues depend on the type of thermostat. Older systems have dial type thermostats which can be incorrectly calibrated. New programmable thermostats can be incorrectly programmed. In both cases, the system does not receive the correct instructions.

If you notice any of these signs or just indications that your system is not working properly, call in the experts as soon as possible. Any problem can exacerbate to result in system failure. We repair air conditioning in Newcastle whatever the cause.  Call us to book a service call or request a quote via our online form. 

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