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Why is My Air Conditioning Unit Not Working?

Although you might not need it at the moment, you will rely on your air conditioning in Newcastle during the hot summer months because it keeps you cool and comfortable, as well as protecting your home, your family, and your health. So, when it’s not working, you are probably worried and miserable. That’s why you should periodically check if your air con is working and get in touch with Impact Air and Electrical, where we specialise in taking care of your air conditioner, including repairs. Here’s why it might not be working like it should.

Air conditioning set up Newcastle

The Air Filter is Dirty

If your air conditioner turns on, but isn’t blowing cold air, your first step is to check the filter. If it’s dirty or clogged with dirt and debris, it may be blocking cool air from circulating through your house. If you let the problem go too long, it can damage the evaporator coils, which can further compromise your air conditioner’s function. For the best results, clean or change your air filter, according to the recommendations from the manufacturer.

There’s Not Enough Cool Air

When you’re getting air, but it’s not cool enough, you should check your vents. Even if you only have one that’s closed, it could be interfering with proper cool air flow throughout your home. If you find that one or more is closed, open them up and see if that helps. If not, we’re always happy to come have a look and help you figure out what’s going on. 

Your Air Conditioner is Leaking

If your air conditioner is leaking water, it’s best to turn it off right away and call an expert. This water can cause damage that keeps the unit from working but can also be dangerous if it comes into contact with electricity in your home. The leak could be due to a clogged pipe or condensate line or could be due to a broken pump. Repairing those problems should get your air conditioner back up and running in no time.

It Won’t Turn On

Nothing is worse than turning your air conditioner on when the temperature outside soars, only to find that it isn’t working. If the unit won’t turn on at all, your first step is to check the thermostat. If it’s in good shape, you may need repairs that only a professional can fix. In that case, give us a call. We’re always happy to come to your house and help you diagnose the problem so that it can be repaired quickly. 

If your air conditioner in Newcastle isn’t working, don’t wait. Call Impact Air and Electrical to request a quote

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